about us

At Bueno! we believe everyone has the right to fresh clean clothes every day, without the hassle laundry and dry cleaning brings. For us it’s all about clean clothes and happy you!

Bueno! offers an exemplary dry cleaning and laundry service experience focused on meticulous fabric care and customer convenience & service. Our palate of services covers all your garment and upholstery maintenance & cleaning needs.

Bueno! is the preferred choice for customers, celebrities, fashion designers and stylists across the city for our proven expertise in designer wear, pret and couture.

At the heart of Bueno!'s operations is meticulous and complete control & ownership of our own process house, technical team, service support & logistics chain. This enables us to deliver complete quality and service assurance with accountability.

Conveniently located across Mumbai, our branches ensure that you're never too far from Bueno! You can Call or WhatsApp us for a doorstep pickup and delivery.

We deliver clean!

know how we do it

tagging & inspection

The cleaning journey begins with the clothes getting tagged for easy identification. Post which a thorough check for any embellishments, delicate designs and colors, missing buttons, tears and pre-existing conditions is done by our experts.


At this stage our experts review the garment against the treatment it has been marked out for.


The treatment process is implemented amidst professional supervision and we ensure that we follow and complete all the required cleaning steps in detail.


In this stage the garment is validated to check if the problems have been satisfactorily dealt with. If not, another expert review is conducted and a new cleaning plan is outlined.

hand finishing

Finally the finishing touches are given to the garment and hand finishing ensures that the garments is pressed, folded and packaged by hand so that it reaches you as good as new!

quality check

The last stage in the Bueno! process, at this stage the garments is checked by the quality manager and only once satisfied;the garment is dispatched to the store.