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basic services

Dry Clean

Your garments are treated in our specially formulated cleaning solvent resulting in crisp clean clothes that are just aching to be worn!

Laundry Service

Washing your clothes the traditional way got an upgrade! But with the special Bueno! care.

Ironing Service

Crisp and beautifully ironed clothes! We make sure your clothes get the best ironing they deserve.

special services

Home Furnishings

Clean, renew and protect your home linen. Also, get rid of dust and germs with our ProfoLactic Anti-Bacterial treatment.

Leather Cleaning

Replenish your leather garments to a polished “newness”.


We process all types of embellished garments. An added plus is our special Lustre Plus finish.

Handbag Spa

Indulge your favorite designer handbag with our handbag spa to keep it looking soft, supple and new over the years.

Stain Removal

Our professional Stain Masters ensure that we get rid your garments of the toughest of stains!

Upholstery Shampooing

Call our team over for an on-site upholstery shampooing service that will have your sofas and chairs looking clean and refreshed.

Alteration, Darning, Dyeing

Small mends, alterations and fabric coloring are also carried out at Bueno!

add - on services

Whitening Finish

Bueno!’s Whitening treatment will keep your whites as white as new!

Fragrance Finish

Have your clothes smelling like a spa with our lily and lavender scents.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Get your clothes and home linen sanitized by getting rid of germs and bacteria with our anti-microbial treatment.


A beautiful dress is a joy forever! And what better joy than a gorgeous piece of clothing that keeps looking new!

We at Bueno! are proud to be able to take care of your prized designer wear.

Designer garments with ornaments and embellishments are pampered with love and care by our experts who bring out the best in them by using specialized processes and skills that not only clean them but also enhance their lustre and increase their longevity.

Using machines and delicate hand finishing techniques, our experts pay utmost attention to detail and make sure that the garment is as good as new when it gets back to you! With a cleaning program like this it’s no wonder that Bueno! is the favorite of Indian and international designers alike.



With Bueno! your shoes get an assured level of service, quality and attention to detail.

Whether they are leather, suede, embellished or sports shoes – they will be cleaned to the highest standards of quality and care.

As part of the cleaning process, shoes are –

  • Cleaned internally and externally (Laces, straps, insoles if removable are cleaned separately, then re-aligned after the drying process)
  • Deodorized using shoe perfumes
  • Sanitized with our Anti-Microbial treatment
  • Packed in an Anti-Dust packaging to keep them fresh
  • We offer on-demand doorstep pickups and deliveries. You can enjoy the convenience of our various booking options -  via our stores, website, helpline, Whatsapp or app.


Home Delivery

We provide on-demand home pickups and deliveries across the city.

Express Delivery

For when you need your dry cleaning taken care of tomorrow!

Rapido Delivery

For when you need your clothes dry cleaned within 2 days.

Urgente Delivery

For when you need your dry cleaning taken care of today!


Tagging & inspection

The cleaning journey begins with the clothes getting tagged for easy identification. Post which a through check for any embellishments, delicate designs and colors, missing buttons, tears and pre-existing conditions is done by our experts.


At this stage our experts review the garment against the treatment it has been marked out for. A professional analysis specifically marks out the nuances of the treatment in a detailed step-wise process.


The treatment process is implemented amidst professional supervision and we ensure that we follow and complete all the required cleaning steps in detail.


This is the first stage after the garment is cleaned. In this stage the garment is validated to check if the problems have been satisfactorily dealt with. If not, another expert review is conducted and a new cleaning plan is outlined.

Hand Finishing

Finally the finishing touches are given to the garment and hand finishing ensures that the garment is pressed, folded and packaged by hand so that it reaches you as good as new!

Quality Check

The last stage in the Bueno! process, at this stage the garment is checked by the quality manager and only once satisfied; the garment is dispatched to the store.