Home Furnishings

Clean, renew and protect

your home linen. Also, get rid

of dust and germs with our

ProfoLactic Anti-Bacterial treatment.

Leather Cleaning

Replenish your leather garments

to a polished “newness”.


We process all types of

embellished garments.

An added plus is our special

Lustre Plus finish.

Handbag Spa

Indulge your favorite

designer handbag with our

handbag spa to keep it looking soft,

supple and new over the years.

Stain Removal

Our professional Stain Masters

ensure that we get rid your

garments of the toughest

of stains!

Upholstery Shampooing

Call our team over for an

on-site upholstery shampooing

service that will have your sofas

and chairs looking clean and refreshed.

Alteration, Darning, Dyeing

Small mends, alterations and

fabric coloring

are also carried out at Bueno!

delivery options

Delivery Options
Home Delivery

We provide on-demand home pickups and deliveries across the city.

Delivery Options
Express Delivery

For when you need your dry cleaning taken care of tomorrow!

Delivery Options
Rapido Delivery

For when you need your clothes dry cleaned within 2 days.

Delivery Options
Urgent Delivery

For when you need your dry cleaning taken care of today!

Delivery Options

add-on services

Delivery Options
Whitening Finish

Bueno's Whitening treatment
will keep whites
as white as new!

Delivery Options
Fragrance Finish

Have your clothes smelling
like a spa with our lily and
lavender scents.

Delivery Options
Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Get your clothes and
home linen sanitized by getting
rid of germs and bacteria
with our anti-microbial treatment